Kayak Classes

Intro to Recreational Kayaking

3 Hours

This short class is the perfect way to get introduced to recreational kayaking on flat water.

101: Sea Kayak Essentials

6.5 Hours

Our full-day class for those who want to learn to safety enjoy coastal waters in a narrower, faster sea kayak.


103: Advanced Sea Kayak Rescues & Safety Clinic

3.5 Hours

For paddlers who know basic rescues, but would like to refine their safety skills and learn more advanced rescue techniques, including towing.

201: Wind, Waves, and Weather

6.5 Hours

In this class, Mother Nature is the real teacher.  Taught at the Erie Islands, this class takes advantage of the dynamic nature of coastal conditions.

Kayak Rolling Clinics

2 Hours

Our Kayak Rolling I and II clinics help you to learn to use your body, boat, and blade in conjunction to perform the ultimate self-rescue:  the kayak roll.

Private Lessons

2 Hour Minimum

If you prefer individualized instruction or want to learn a specialized skill, private lessons are available for one-on-one or small group instruction.